TKO A3.1.2

Without limiting the application of TKO A3.1.1, the following matters must be updated:

(a) holdings of relevant Shares and Securities and dealings (TKO A1.3.1 and TKO A2.1.1(c)–(f));
(b) Directors' emoluments (TKO A1.4.2(b));
(c) special arrangements (TKO A1.4.1(j));
(d) ultimate owner of Shares acquired under the Bid (TKO A1.1.1(d));
(e) changes to Directors' service contracts (TKO A2.1.1(h)); and
(f) agreements, arrangements or understandings in relation to Bids (Rules TKO A1.4.1(j) and (k) and TKO A2.1.1(f) and (g)).

Derived from DFSA RM23/2005 (Made 26th September 2005). [VER1/09-05]