RPP 6-6-8

The following list of factors may have the effect of aggravating or mitigating the contravention:

(a) the conduct of the individual in bringing (or failing to bring) quickly, effectively and completely the contravention to the DFSA's attention (or the attention of other regulatory authorities, where relevant);
(b) the degree of cooperation the individual showed during the investigation of the contravention by the DFSA, or any other regulatory authority allowed to share information with the DFSA;
(c) whether the individual took any steps to stop the contravention, and when these steps were taken;
(d) any remedial steps taken since the contravention was identified, including whether these were taken on the individual's own initiative or that of the DFSA or another regulatory authority;
(e) whether the individual has arranged his resources in such a way as to allow or avoid disgorgement and/or payment of a financial penalty;
(f) whether the individual had previously been told about the DFSA's concerns in relation to the issue, either by means of a private warning or in supervisory correspondence;
(g) whether the individual had previously undertaken not to perform a particular act or engage in particular behaviour;
(h) whether the individual has complied with any requirements or rulings of another regulatory authority relating to the contravention;
(i) the previous disciplinary record and general compliance history of the individual;
(j) action taken against the individual by other domestic or international regulatory authorities that is relevant to the contravention in question;
(k) whether DFSA guidance or other published materials had already raised relevant concerns, and the nature and accessibility of such materials;
(l) whether the DFSA publicly called for an improvement in standards in relation to the behaviour constituting the contravention or similar behaviour before or during the occurrence of the contravention; and
(m) whether the individual agreed to undertake training subsequent to the contravention.
Inserted (Made 21st August 2014). August 2014 Edition