RPP 6-5-5

Decision Maker Decisions generally involve prescribed procedures, which require the Decision Maker to give to the Person who will be affected by his decision ("the Affected Person") a right of representation prior to making his decision. Prior representation procedures involve the Decision Maker giving to the Affected Person:

(a) a written notice setting out the basis on which he proposes to exercise the relevant DFSA power; and
(b) a suitable opportunity to make representations prior to the Decision Maker's exercising the relevant DFSA power, unless the Law or Rules provide for making a decision without giving a prior right of representation. In the latter case, generally, a right of representation is given immediately after the decision is made (see paragraphs 6-5-12 to 6-5-16).
Derived from Notice of Updates (Made 20th December 2012). December 2012 Edition