RPP 6-5-13

In deciding whether any delay is prejudicial to the interests of the DIFC, the Decision Maker will take into account factors including, but not limited to:

(a) the extent of any loss, or risk of loss, or other adverse effect on DIFC regulated entities or customers;
(b) the extent to which assets appear to be at risk;
(c) the nature and extent of any false or inaccurate information provided by the Person to the DFSA;
(d) the seriousness of any suspected breach of the requirements of the Law or Rules and the steps that need to be taken to correct that breach;
(e) the risk that the Person or the Person's business may be used or has been used to facilitate money laundering or other financial crime;
(f) the Person's conduct in identifying the conduct and taking action in respect thereto; and
(g) the impact that use of the DFSA's powers will have on the Person's business or on its customers.
Derived from Notice of Updates (Made 20th December 2012). December 2012 Edition