RPP 5-5-34

Parties who are required to comply with a requirement made by the DFSA during the course of an investigation, and Persons who are the subject of an investigation, benefit from certain protections in the Regulatory Law, including:

(a) Article 38, which provides that confidential information provided to the DFSA must not be disclosed except in certain limited circumstances;
(b) Article 80A(2), which provides that where a Person takes part in a compulsory interview, any statements made during the interview cannot be disclosed by the DFSA to a law enforcement agency for the purpose of criminal proceedings unless the Person consents to the disclosure or the DFSA is required by law or court order to disclose the statement; and
(c) Article 81, which ensures that a Person who is required to comply with a requirement made during the course of an investigation cannot be subject to any liability or liable in any proceeding because of that Person's compliance with the requirement.
Added by Notice of Updates (Made 23rd November 2014). November 2014 Edition