RPP 5-17-7

The DMC will generally be the decision maker for enforcement decisions under Article 90 of the Regulatory Law. Information about matters before the DMC (e.g. a Preliminary Notice) is not normally published prior to a notice of decision being given to a Person (see RPP 5-17-9 to 5-17-11). Reasons for this include:

(a) representations in regard to a matter before the DMC are confidential and made in private;
(b) DMC meetings, if any, are held in private; and
(c) the release of information by the DMC prior to a full and complete consideration of all representations and facts may be contrary to the DFSA's objectives or not in the public interest.
Added by Notice of Updates (Made 23rd November 2014). November 2014 Edition
Amended by Notice of Updates (Made 11th February 2020). February 2020 Edition