RPP 5-15-17

The DFSA may accept an EU that it considers necessary or desirable in pursuit of its objectives. Article 89 does not prescribe a particular structure or format to an EU or the circumstances in which an EU would be acceptable to the DFSA. The DFSA will consider all the relevant circumstances of a matter when deciding whether to accept an EU including whether other regulatory tools, for example a notice of decision, might achieve a more appropriate outcome in the particular matter. However, in the context of an enforcement matter, the DFSA will generally only accept an EU that:

(a) contains an admission or acknowledgement of any contraventions of the Law or the DFSA's concerns;
(b) contains undertakings that address the DFSA's concerns; and
(c) contains an agreement to make the EU public, and an agreement not to make public statements that conflict with the spirit of the EU.
Added by Notice of Updates (Made 23rd November 2014). November 2014 Edition
Amended by Notice of Updates (Made 28th January 2016). February 2016 Edition
Amended by Notice of Updates (Made 11th February 2020). February 2020 Edition