RPP 4-5-2

Pursuant to Article 76, the DFSA is also empowered to prohibit or require an Authorised Person to deal with any relevant property in a certain manner.3 The terms "dealing" and "relevant property" are defined in Article 76 as follows:

(a) "dealing" in relation to property includes the maintaining, holding, disposing and transferring of property; and
(b) "relevant property" in relation to an Authorised Person means:
(i) any property held by the person, acting within the capacity for which it holds a Licence, on behalf of any of the clients of the person, or held by any other person on behalf of or to the order of the person acting within such capacity; or
(ii) any other property which the DFSA reasonably believes to be owned or controlled by the person.

3Article 76 of the Regulatory Law 2004

Derived from Notice of Updates (Made 20th December 2012). December 2012 Edition