RPP 3-2-15

The DFSA will determine the level of regulatory and supervisory oversight which is subsequently required for a specific Branch. As part of DFSA's risk assessment process, during the authorisation process the DFSA undertakes a two-tier approach to the risks to its objectives posed by the Branch, thereby taking into account the characteristics of the applicant and its head office. The first part of this assessment includes a judgement on the degree of home country supervision and considers the strength of support, both financial and managerial, which the head office is capable of providing to the Branch, taking into account the Branch's activities and the adequacy of, among other things, the corporate governance framework and practices and remuneration structure and strategies adopted at the head office. The second part of the assessment considers the risk and control mechanisms within the Branch itself.

Derived from DFSA GM8/2011 (Made 28th April 2011). [VER 1/02-11]
Amended by Notice of Updates (Made 5th July 2012). July 2012 Edition