RM75/2011 Islamic Finance Rule-Making Instrument (No. 75) 2011

The Board of the Dubai Financial Services Authority in the exercise of the powers conferred on them by Article 23 of the Regulatory Law 2004 and having published the rules for consultation in accordance with Article 24 of the Regulatory Law 2004, hereby make the Rules in the appendices to this instrument. The appendices to this instrument also contain the guidance made by the Chief Executive in the exercise of the powers conferred on him under the Regulatory Law 2004.


(1) This instrument is made on 10 February 2011 and is conditional upon the enactment of a law to be called "Regulatory Law Amendment Law 2011"; and this instrument shall come into force on the same day as that law.

Amendments to Modules:

(2) The Islamic Finance Rules (IFR) module — (IFR/VER2/07-10) is repealed and replaced by Appendix 1Appendix 1 to this instrument and may be identified by the following reference — (IFR/VER3/02-11).


(3) This instrument may be cited as the Islamic Finance Rule-making Instrument (No. 75) 2011.

By Order of the Board

Abdullah Saleh
      Paul M Koster
Chief Executive

February 2011

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