RM53/2007 Miscellaneous Amendments (Malaysian Islamic Funds) Rules Instrument (No. 53) 2007

The Board of the Dubai Financial Services Authority in the exercise of the powers conferred on them by Article 23 of the Regulatory Law 2004 and having concluded that it would be prejudicial to the interests of the Dubai International Financial Centre to delay the making of these rules in order to allow public consultation to be undertaken in respect of certain rules, hereby make the rules in the appendix to this instrument.


This instrument shall come into force on the 1 December 2007.

Amendments to Modules

(1) Conduct of Business Module (COB) — COB/VER12/10-07 is amended in accordance with the appendixappendix to this instrument and the Module as amended by this instrument may be identified by the following reference — COB/VER13/12-07.


(2) This instrument may be cited as the Miscellaneous Amendments (Malaysia Islamic Funds) (No. 53) Rules Instrument 2007.

By Order of the Board

Mr Abdullah Saleh

November 2007
RM 53/2007