RM28/2006 Sponsors and Compliance Advisers Rules Instrument 2006

The Board of the Dubai Financial Services Authority in the exercise of the powers conferred on them by Article 23 of the Regulatory Law 2004 and having published the rules for consultation in accordance with Article 24 of the Regulatory Law 2004, hereby make the rules and give the guidance in the Annexe to this instrument.


(1) This instrument shall come into force on 7 June 2006.

Amendments to Modules:

(2) The Offered Securities Rules module — OSR/VER4/04-06 is amended in accordance with the Annexe to this instrument and the module as amended by this instrument may be identified by the following reference — OSR/VER5/06-06.


(3) This instrument may be cited as the Sponsors and Compliance Advisers Rules Instrument 2006.

By Order of the Board
Dr Habib Al-Mulla

June 2006
RM 28/2006

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