Related Party

(1) In MKT, has the meaning given to that term in MKT Rule 3.5.2(a) except in relation to a Rating Subject, where it has the meaning given to it in COB Rule 8.5.2(2).
(2) In CIR, in relation to a Fund:
(a) its Fund Manager;
(b) its Governing Body;
(c) an individual director of a Corporate Director;
(d) its Custodian;
(e) its Trustee or other Persons providing oversight;
(f) any Advisor;
(g) a holder of 5% or more of the Units of the Fund; or
(h) an Associate of a Person in (a) to (g).
(3) In CIR Rule 13.9.5, in relation to the ETF Fund Manager:
(a) a member of the Fund Manager's Group;
(b) a Controller of the Fund Manager;
(c) a director or senior officer of the Fund Manager or a family member of such director or senior officer; or
(d) a business associate of the Fund Manager or, of a person referred to in (c).
(4) In CIR, in relation to a Fund on a Fund Platform, any other Fund on that Fund Platform.
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