Regulatory Policy and Process Module – July 2012 Edition

The Chief Executive of the Dubai Financial Services Authority ("DFSA") in the exercise of his powers under the Regulatory Law 2004, hereby re-issues the Regulatory Policy and Process ("RPP") module of the DFSA Sourcebook under Article 116(2) of that Law. Accordingly, Guidance Instrument No 8 is hereby repealed. Furthermore, the Chief Executive also issues further information under that Article for inclusion in the module.

(1) Appendix 1Appendix 1 to this instrument specifies the additional information for inclusion in the RPP module.
(2) Appendix 2Appendix 2 to this instrument sets out the updated consolidated version of the RPP Sourcebook incorporating the additional Appendix 1 information. This consolidated version may be cited as the "July 2012 Edition" and comes into effect on 5 July 2012.

Bryan Stirewalt
Acting Chief Executive

05 July 2012