PIN 6.6.2 Guidance

1. Where information that would be contained in the Financial Group Capital Adequacy Report would be identical with information previously or concurrently provided to the DFSA pursuant to this or another provision of the Rulebook, and that information has not changed, the DFSA will normally accept a statement to that effect in the report in place of that information.
2. Form IN 170 in PRU may be used by an Insurer to present the Financial Group Capital Adequacy Report. Use of this form is not mandatory, however if the form is used the instructional guidelines in PRU must be observed.
[Added] RM46/2007 (Made 5th July 2007). [VER6/07-07]
[Amended] DFSA RM54/2007 (Made 1st December 2007). [VER9/12-07]