PIB 9.2A.5

(1) An Authorised Firm must ensure that results of the stress tests are integrated into its strategic planning process and its day-to-day risk management practices.
(2) An Authorised Firm must apply the results of the stress tests:
(a) to adjust its liquidity management strategy, policies and positions, including to determine an appropriate buffer of HQLA;
(b) for the setting of internal limits; and
(c) for the purpose of the IRAP and ICAAP assessments under chapter 10, where applicable.
(3) An Authorised Firm must incorporate the stress test results in assessing and planning for related potential funding shortfalls in its Contingency Funding Plan.
(4) An Authorised Firm must ensure that the stress test results and vulnerabilities and any resulting actions are reported to, and discussed with, its Governing Body and the DFSA.
[Added] DFSA RM148/2014 (Made 1st January 2015). [VER23/01-15]