PIB 3.5.2

The Capital Requirement for such an Authorised Firm is calculated as the highest of:

(a) the applicable Base Capital Requirement as set out in PIB section 3.6
(b) the Expenditure Based Capital Minimum as set out in PIB section 3.7; or
(c) in the case of a Money Services Provider:
(i) the Stored Value Capital Requirement, if it issues Stored Value;
(ii) the Transaction Based Capital Requirement, if it provides Payment Services; or
(iii) the aggregate of the sums referred to in (i) and (ii), if it carries on both activities.
Derived from RM111/2012 (Made 15th October 2012). [VER20/12-12]
[Amended] DFSA RMI270/2020 (Made 26th February 2020). [VER36/04-20]