PIB 3.1.1 Guidance

1. PIB 3 Part 2 of this chapter imposes a number of basic requirements, including the core requirement that the amount of a firm's Capital Resources must at all times exceed the amount of its Capital Requirement.
2. In particular, note that:
a. PIB Part 3 (Calculating Capital Requirements) applies to all firms, but with differentiated calculations for Capital Requirements for the various Categories of Authorised Firms as prescribed in sections PIB 3.3, PIB 3.4 and PIB 3.5;
b. Within PIB 3 Part 3, an exemption from the calculation of Tier 2 (T2) Capital in relation to firms authorised to Manage a PSIAu is prescribed in PIB Rule 3.15.9; and
c. PIB 3 Part 4 (Calculating Capital Resources) applies to all firms, but in a differentiated manner for different Categories of firms as demonstrated in the table in PIB section 3.11.
Derived from RM111/2012 (Made 15th October 2012). [VER20/12-12]