PFN PIN 6.5.28

An Insurer must provide the following information in a Supplementary Note to this form:

(a) any amount included in item 39.7 that is not available to meet the Insurance Liabilities of the Insurer;
(b) the amount and details of any guarantees (apart from guarantees arising under Contracts of Insurance) given by the Insurer;
(c) the amount and details of any contingent liabilities existing as at the date to which the Return is made up; and
(d) where the amount of item 39.4 is not equal to the sum of items 39.4 and 39.5 for the comparative reporting period, a reconciliation of the differences. This applies only when the form forms a part of the Annual Regulatory Return.

Derived from DFSA RM11/2004 (Made 16th September 2004). [VER1/09-04]