MKT Schedule A

Securities exempt from the requirement in Article 33(3) of the Law pursuant to Rule 10.1.2.

Issuer Security ISIN
Cherating Capital Ltd Debentures XS0307506328
Dar Al Arkan International Sukuk Company Debentures XS0309559192
DEWA Funding Limited Debentures XSO368200639
DIB Sukuk Company Limited Debentures XS0292875977
DP World Limited Notes Debentures XS0308427581
DP World Sukuk Limited Debentures XS0307408152
Dubai Holdings Commercial Operations MTN Ltd Debentures USD Notes XS0285304126
EUR Notes XS0285303821
GBP Notes XS0285303748
Dubai Sukuk Centre Limited Debentures XS0305147851
Emirates Bank International — Tier 2 Debentures Tier 2 — XS0272489187
Emirates Bank International — Tier 3 Debentures Tier 3 — XS0285298054
GE Capital Sukuk Ltd. Debentures XS0469633852
IIG Funding Limited Debentures XS0303097157
JAFZ Sukuk Limited Debentures XS0332171700
Kuwait Financial Centre S.A.K (closed) Debentures XS0308124337
Paka Capital Limited Debentures XS0351348833
RAK Capital Debentures XS0366192952
Tamweel Funding Limited Debentures XS0337020274
Tamweel Sukuk Limited Debentures XS0378312630
TID Global Sukuk 1 Limited Debentures XS0265594647
Derived from RM81/2011 (Made 30th November 2011). [VER1/11-11]
[Amended] DFSA RM120/2013 (Made 14th July 2013). [VER4/07-13]