MKT 7.1.2

(1) Pursuant to Article 49(1) of the Law, the DFSA may, where it considers it appropriate to do so, require a Person who makes or intends to make a Prospectus Offer to:
(a) appoint a sponsor in respect of the Prospectus Offer; or
(b) provide third party certification in respect of any specific matters relating to the Prospectus Offer.
(2) Where the DFSA requires a sponsor to be appointed pursuant to (1)(a), the DFSA must:
(a) do so in sufficient time to enable the sponsor to comply with the requirements in this Part; and
(b) require such appointment to be effective for the Offer Period or such other period as the DFSA determines as appropriate.
Derived from RM81/2011 (Made 30th November 2011). [VER1/11-11]