MKT 3.5.4

The requirements in this section do not apply to a transaction referred to in Rule 3.5.2(b):

(a) where the transaction is made in the ordinary course of business and on commercial terms no less favourable than those of an arm's length transaction with an unrelated party;
(b) where it, or any series of transactions with the same Related Party in any 12 month period, does not exceed 0.25% of the value of the net assets of the Reporting Entity as stated in its most recent financial reports;
(c) where it is made in accordance with the terms of an Employee Share Scheme or other employee incentive scheme approved by the Board of the Reporting Entity; or
(d) where it involves the issue of new Securities for cash or pursuant to the exercise of conversion or subscription rights attaching to Securities issued to existing Shareholders where the Securities are traded on an Authorised Market Institution or a Regulated Exchange.
Derived from RM81/2011 (Made 30th November 2011). [VER1/11-11]
[Amended] DFSA RM120/2013 (Made 14th July 2013). [VER4/07-13]