MKT 2.5.3

A Person making a Prospectus Offer may use the same Registration Statement in respect of more than one Prospectus Offer provided that:

(a) the Registration Statement includes the most recent set of audited financial statements available in respect of the Issuer;
(b) those financial statements referred to in (a) relate to a period ending not more than 12 months prior to the relevant offer; and
(c) since the date of the Registration Statement, the Reporting Entity filing the Prospectus has complied with its market disclosure obligations in section 4.6 relating to the category of Securities to which the Prospectus relates.
Derived from RM81/2011 (Made 30th November 2011). [VER1/11-11]
[Amended] DFSA RM120/2013 (Made 14th July 2013). [VER4/07-13]