IFR 5.2.2

In addition to matters referred to in COB section 3.3, an Authorised Firm must ensure that the following information is included in the Client Agreement relating to a PSIA:

(a) how and by whom the funds of the Client will be managed and invested including details of its policy on diversification of the portfolio;
(b) the basis for the allocation of profit between the Authorised Firm and the Client;
(c) confirmation of the Client's investment objectives including details of any restrictions requested by the Client, as agreed between the Client and the Authorised Firm;
(d) a summary of the policies and procedures for valuation of assets or portfolio;
(e) a summary of policies and procedures for the transfer of funds to and from the Profit Equalisation Reserve or Investment Risk Reserve accounts, if applicable;
(f) particulars of the management of the PSIA and of any third party to whom the Authorised Firm has or will delegate or outsource the management of the PSIA, including:
(i) the name of the third party;
(ii) the regulatory status of the third party; and
(iii) details of the arrangement.
(g) details of early withdrawal , redemption or other exit arrangement and any costs to a Client as a result thereof;
(h) details of segregation of the funds of the Client from the funds of the Authorised Firm and from any claims by the creditors of the Authorised Firm;
(i) details of whether funds from one PSIA will be commingled with the funds of another PSIA; and
(j) details of any applicable charges and the basis upon which such charges will be calculated including, any deductions of fees that may be made by the Authorised Firm from the profits of the PSIA.
Derived from DFSA RM69/2010 (Made 1st March 2010). [VER1/03-10]