GM5/2007 Electronic Prudential Reporting System Guidance Instrument (No. 5) 2007

The Chief Executive of the Dubai Financial Services Authority in the exercise of the powers conferred on him under the Regulatory Law 2004, hereby makes the guidance (in the form of instructional guidelines) in the appendix to this instrument.


This instrument shall come into force on the 16 December 2007.

Amendments to Rulebook Modules

(1) The Prudential Returns Module (PRU) — PRU/VER4/09-07 is amended in accordance with the AppendixAppendix to this instrument and the Module as amended by this instrument may be identified by the following reference — PRU - EPRS/VER1/12-07.
(2) The effect of this instrument is to replace the current version of PRU, that is, "VER4" with the first EPRS version set out in the appendixappendix.


(3) This instrument may be cited as the Electronic Prudential Reporting System Guidance Instrument (No.5) 2007.

David Knott
Chief Executive

November 2007
GM 5/2007