GEN 4.1.3 Guidance

1. The Principles for Authorised Firms have the status of Rules and are a general statement of fundamental regulatory requirements which apply alongside the other Rules and also in new or unforeseen situations which may not be covered elsewhere by a specific Rule. Rules in other areas of the Rulebook build upon these fundamental principles. Consequently the Rules and Guidance elsewhere in the Rulebook should not be seen as exhausting the implications of the Principles.
2. Breaching a Principle for Authorised Firms makes an Authorised Firm liable to disciplinary action, and may indicate that it is no longer fit and proper to carry on a Financial Service or to hold a Licence and the DFSA may consider withdrawing authorisation or the Licence on that basis.
3. The onus will be on the DFSA to show that the Authorised Firm has been at fault in some way, taking into account the standard of conduct required under the Principle in question.

Derived from DFSA RM01/2004 (Made 16th September 2004). [VER1/09-04]