GEN 2.3.7 Guidance

1. The exclusions under GEN Rule 2.3.7 apply in respect of certain types of Non-DIFC Schemes that are the subject of exemptions issued by the DIFCA Board under the Employment Regulations.
2. A Non-DIFC Scheme is defined in GLO as an Employee Money Purchase Scheme or any similar scheme or arrangement that is established outside the DIFC.
3. The effect of the above exclusions is that foreign fiduciary service providers, insurers and superannuation scheme operators, who are supervised and regulated in their home jurisdictions for their activities, can be enabled to accept contributions from DIFC employers in respect of their employees under the DIFC Employment Law.
Derived from DFSA RMI301/2021 (Made 30th June 2021). [VER52/09-21]