GEN 2.2.10H Guidance

An Authorised Firm can act as the Operator or Administrator of two types of Employee Money Purchase Schemes: a scheme established in the DIFC (a “DIFC Scheme”) or a scheme established outside the DIFC (a “Non-DIFC Scheme”). However, under GEN Rule 2.2.10H, an Authorised Firm is prohibited from Operating or Acting as the Administrator of a Non-DIFC Scheme where that Scheme receives employer contributions required to be made under the Employment Law or another Dubai law. The prohibition does not apply to the operation or administration of Non-DIFC Schemes that fall within the exclusion in GEN Rule 2.3.7.

Derived from DFSA RMI301/2021 (Made 30th June 2021). [VER52/09-21]