GEN 11.10.9

(1) An Authorised Firm which is a Domestic Firm must:
(a) before making a Major Acquisition:
(i) notify the DFSA in writing of the proposed Major Acquisition at least 45 days prior to the proposed date for effecting the Major Acquisition; and
(ii) give to the DFSA all the relevant information relating to that Major Acquisition to enable the DFSA to assess the impact of the proposed Major Acquisition on the Authorised Firm; and
(b) not effect the proposed Major Acquisition unless:
(i) the Authorised Firm has either received written advice from the DFSA that it has no objection to that Major Acquisition or has not received any written objection or request for additional information from the DFSA within 45 days after the date of the notification; and
(ii) if the DFSA has imposed any conditions relating to the proposed Major Acquisition, it has complied with, and has the on-going ability to comply with, the relevant conditions.
(2) The DFSA may only object to a proposed Major Acquisition if it is of the view that the proposed Major Acquisition is reasonably likely to have a material adverse impact on the Authorised Firm's ability to comply with its applicable regulatory requirements or on the financial services industry in the DIFC as a whole. The DFSA may also impose any conditions it considers appropriate to address any concerns it may have in relation to the proposed Major Acquisition.
(3) Without limiting the generality of its powers, the factors that the DFSA may take into account for the purposes of (2) include:
(a) the financial and other resources available to the Authorised Firm to carry out the proposed Major Acquisition;
(b) the possible impact of the proposed Major Acquisition upon the Authorised Firm's resources, including its capital, both at the time of the acquisition and on an on-going basis;
(c) the managerial capacity of the Authorised Firm to ensure that the activities of the investee Body Corporate are conducted in a prudent and reputable manner;
(d) the place of incorporation or domicile of the investee Body Corporate and whether or not the laws applicable to that entity are consistent with the laws applicable to the Authorised Firm. In particular, whether there are any secrecy constraints that are likely to create difficulties in relation to the DFSA requirements including those relating to consolidated supervision by the DFSA where applicable; and
(e) any other undue risks to the Authorised Firm or the financial services industry in the DIFC as a whole arising from the proposed Major Acquisition.