FER 3.11.1 Guidance

1. The market capitalisation of a Listed Entity is calculated by multiplying the number of listed equity securities by the closing price per equity security on the relevant day.
2. The following is an example of how the annual fee under FER Rule 3.11.1 is calculated for a Listed Entity (other than a SME). The Listed Entity has equity securities admitted to the Official List of Securities. On the last business day of November of the year before the relevant calendar year, it had a market capitalisation of USD 750 million. Its annual fee for the calendar year will be calculated as follows:
Fixed fee $2,500
Additional fee, consisting of:  
      initial USD 100mn of capitalisation $0 (100 x 0)
      capitalisation from USD 100mn to USD 500mn $2,000 (400 x 5)
      remaining USD 250mn of capitalisation $250 (250 × 1)
Total $4,750


Derived from DFSA RM152/2015 (Made 10th June 2015). [VER10/06-15]
[Amended] DFSA RMI268/2020 (Made 26th February 2020). [VER23/04-20]