COB 9.6.1

(1) Without limiting the generality of the other requirements in this chapter, an ATS Operator must, for the purposes of meeting the requirement in Rule 9.2.1(e) relating to Proper Markets, ensure that:

(a) if Derivatives are traded on its facilities, such Derivatives meet the contract design specifications in AMI Rule 6.3.2;
(b) relevant market information is made available to Persons engaged in dealing on an equitable basis, including pre-trade and post-trade orders, in accordance with Rules 9.6.2{and 9.6.3;
(c) there are adequate mechanisms to discontinue, suspend or remove from trading on its facilities any Investments in circumstances where the requirements in this chapter are not met;
(d) there are controls to prevent volatility in the markets that is not caused by market forces, in accordance with Rule 9.6.4;
(e) error trades are managed, in accordance with Rule 9.6.5;
(f) Short Selling and position concentration are monitored and managed, in accordance with Rule 9.6.5;
(g) there are fair and non-discretionary algorithm operating in respect of matching of orders on its facilities;
(h) there are adequate controls to monitor and manage any foreign ownership restrictions applying to Investments traded on its facilities, in accordance with Rule 9.6.7;
(i) liquidity incentive schemes are offered only in accordance with Rule 9.6.8; and
(j) there are adequate rules and procedures to address Market Abuse and financial crime, in accordance with Rules 9.6.9 and 9.6.10.
[Added] DFSA RM123/2013 (Made 13th June 2013) [VER22/07-13]