COB 6.3.4

For the purposes of this section, an Authorised Firm must take reasonable steps to ensure that when it publishes Investment Research, and in the case where a representative of the Authorised Firm makes a Public Appearance, disclosure is made of the following matters:

(a) any financial interest or material interest that the Investment Analyst or a Close Relative of the analyst has, which relates to the Investment;
(b) the reporting lines for Investment Analysts and their remuneration arrangements where such matters give rise to any conflicts of interest which may reasonably be likely to impair the impartiality of the Investment Research;
(c) any shareholding by the Authorised Firm or its Associate of 1% or more of the total issued share capital of the Issuer;
(d) if the Authorised Firm or its Associate acts as corporate broker for the Issuer;
(e) any material shareholding by the Issuer in the Authorised Firm;
(f) any corporate finance business undertaken by the Authorised Firm with or for the Issuer over the past 12 months, and any future relevant corporate finance business initiatives; and
(g) that the Authorised Firm is a Market Maker in the Investment, if that is the case.
Derived from DFSA RM56/2008 (Made 1st July 2008). [VER14/07-08]
[Amended] DFSA RM97/2012 (Made 24th July 2012) [VER20/07-12]