COB 5.4.2 Guidance

1. An Authorised Firm may hold or control Client Money belonging to a Segregated Client in a Client Account solely for that Client. Alternatively, an Authorised Firm may choose to pool that Client Money in a Client Account containing Client Money of more than one Segregated Client.
2. The purpose of controlling or holding Client Money in a Client Account is to ensure that Money belonging to Segregated Clients is readily identifiable from Money belonging to the Authorised Firm such that, following a Distribution Event, Segregated Clients will rank highest in line in terms of any subsequent distribution of Client Money in proportion to each Client's valid claim over that Money.
3. Following a Distribution Event, a Segregated Client may not have a valid claim over Client Money held or controlled in a Client Account if that Client Account was not established to hold or control Client Money for that Client or a pool of Clients of which that Client was a part.
Derived from DFSA RM56/2008 (Made 1st July 2008). [VER14/07-08]
[Amended] DFSA RM66/2009 (Made 1st August 2009). [VER16/08-09]