CIR 8.8.3

(1) The Fund Manager and if appointed the Trustee of a Fund other than an Exempt Fund:
(a) may convene a general meeting of Unitholders at any time; and
(b) must convene a general meeting of Unitholders of the Fund immediately upon a request being made by Unitholders in accordance with (2).
(2) The Unitholders of the Fund may request the Fund Manager, or if appointed the Trustee, to convene a general meeting of Unitholders at any time. Such a request must:
(a) state the purpose of the meeting;
(b) be dated;
(c) be signed by a number of registered Unitholders representing at least one-tenth in value of all of the Units then in issue; and
(d) be deposited at the place of business of the Fund Manager, or if applicable, the Trustee or Appointed Fund Administrator of the Fund.
(3) If the Fund is an Investment Trust, the primary responsibility to convene meetings in accordance with this Rule rests with the Fund Manager, failing which, with the Trustee.
(4) A meeting of Unitholders of a Fund duly convened and held in accordance with the Law and Rules is competent by Special Resolution to require, authorise or approve any act, matter or document in respect of which any such resolution is required. Such a resolution has no other powers or effect.
(5) Where no Special Resolution is specifically required or permitted by the Law or Rules, any resolution of Unitholders required under the Rules is passed by a simple majority of the votes validly cast for and against the resolution at a general meeting of Unitholders.
Derived from RM72/2010 (Made 11th July 2010). [VER13/07-10]