CIR 17.1.5

(1) Subject to any order of the court, and subject to (2) and (3), while a Fund is being wound up, whether under CIR Rule 17.1.3 or otherwise:
(a) the annual and half-yearly accounting periods continue to run;
(b) the provisions concerning annual and interim allocation of income continue to apply; and
(c) annual and half-yearly reports continue to be required.
(2) Where for any annual or half-yearly accounting period the Fund Manager, after consulting the Auditor and the DFSA, has taken reasonable care to determine that timely production of an annual or half-yearly report is not required in the interests of the Unitholders or the DFSA, the Fund Manager or Trustee may direct that immediate production of the report by the Auditor may be dispensed with.
(3) The period in question in (2) must be reported on together with the following period in the next report prepared for the purposes of (1) or (4).
(4) At the conclusion of the winding up, the accounting period then running is regarded as the final annual accounting period.
(5) Within two calendar months after the end of the final accounting period, the annual reports of the Fund Manager must be published and sent to each Person who was a Unitholder immediately before the end of the final accounting period.
Derived from RM72/2010 (Made 11th July 2010). [VER13/07-10]