CIR 14.4.13

A Fund Manager of a Credit Fund must ensure that the Fund’s Prospectus includes:

(a) a prominent risk warning disclosing the information set out in CIR Rule 13.12.13;
(b) information about the specific lending strategy of the Fund;
(c) information about the extent to which the Fund intends to be concentrated with respect to individual entities, geographic locations and sectors and risks arising from any proposed concentrations;
(d) its risk diversification strategy as required under CIR Rule 13.12.9; and
(e) whether borrowing by the Fund is permitted and, if so, the limitations on borrowing including those set out in CIR Rule 13.12.11.
Derived from DFSA RMI 323/2022 (Made 27th April 2022). [VER33/06-22]