Annex B Glossary Module (GLO)

This Annex sets out the proposed amendments to VER3/08-05 of the GLO module.

In this Annex, underlining indicates new text and striking through indicates deleted text.

New Defined Term New Definition
Bid includes a Takeover Transaction however effected, including a reverse Takeover, partial Bid, and also a Bid by a Parent entity for Shares in its Subsidiary.
Bidder includes, but is not limited to, companies wherever incorporated and individuals wherever resident who or which make a Bid under TKO.
Mandatory Bid means a Bid which must be made under rule 4.1.1 of TKO
Bid Document means a document issued by a Bidder containing information as stipulated under TKO (particularly Chapter 8) and posted in accordance with those Rules (particularly Chapter 11).
Bid Period means the period from the time when an announcement is made of a proposed or possible Bid (with or without terms) until the first closing date or, if this is later, the date when the Bid becomes or is declared unconditional as to acceptances or lapses. An announcement that a holding, or aggregate holdings, of Shares carrying 30% or more of the voting rights of a Reporting Entity is for sale or that the Governing Body of a Reporting Entity is seeking potential Bidders will be treated as the announcement of a possible Bid.
Securities Exchange Bid has the meaning given under Section 1.4 of TKO Takeover has the meaning given in the Markets Law 2004 Takeover Principle means a Takeover Principle prescribed in Section 1.5 of TKO in accordance with Article 35 of the Markets Law 2004
Target includes a Reporting Entity subject to a Bid made under TKO
Target Circular means a document circulated by the Governing Body of a Target in response to a Takeover as described in Section 8.2 of TKO
TKO the Takeover Rules Module of the Rulebook
Voluntary Bid a Bid made for acquisition of the equity Share capital of a Reporting Entity where there is no obligation to extend a Mandatory Bid