Annex B Glossary Module (GLO)

This Annex sets out the proposed amendments to VER3/04-05 of the GLO module.

In this Annex, underlining indicates new text and striking through indicates deleted text.

Market Price

The price at which the Shares are being traded on an Authorised Market Institution.

Offer Price

The price at which the Shares were offered and accepted under the Offer document. In the event that an auction process was used to determine the Offer Price, then that price is the Offer Price.

Price Floor

The highest price at which the Stabilisation Manager may conduct Price Stabilisation, being a price equal to or lower than the Offer Price.

Price Stabilisation

The activity of stabilising the price of a Share or Debenture in the way described in PRS rule 1.3.1

Recognised Jurisdiction

A Zone 1 country and any other country or jurisdiction that may be recognised by the DFSA.

Stabilisation Agent

A Person appointed by a Stabilisation Manager under PRS rule 3.4.1 to assist him in conducting Price Stabilisation.

Stabilisation Manager

A Person appointed by an Issuer of Shares under PRS rule 3.2.1 to conduct Price Stabilisation.

Stabilisation Window

The period of time specified in PRS rule 1.3.1(3) during which Price Stabilisation may occur.