AML 14.3.1

A Relevant Person must inform the DFSA in writing as soon as possible if, in relation to its activities carried on in or from the DIFC or in relation to any of its branches or Subsidiaries, it:

(a) receives a request for information from a regulator or agency responsible for AML, counter-terrorism financing, or sanctions regarding enquiries into potential money laundering or terrorist financing or sanctions breaches;
(b) becomes aware, or has reasonable grounds to believe, that a money laundering event has occurred or may have occurred in or through its business;
(c) becomes aware of any money laundering or sanctions matter in relation to the Relevant Person or a member of its Group which could result in adverse reputational consequences to the Relevant Person; or
(d) becomes aware of a significant breach of a Rule in this module or a breach of Federal AML legislation by the Relevant Person or any of its Employees.
Derived from RM117/2013 [VER9/07-13]
[Amended] DFSA RM196/2016 (Made 7th December 2016). [VER13/02-17]