AMI 9.5.1

Where an Authorised Market Institution is to circulate any notice or other document proposing any amendment to its memorandum or articles of association, or other document relating to its constitution, to:

(a) its shareholders or any group or class of them;
(b) persons granted access to its facilities or any group or class of them; or
(c) any other group or class of persons which has the power to make that amendment or whole consent or approval is required before it may be made:

that Authorised Market Institution must give notice of that proposed amendment to the DFSA setting out the following information:

(d) the proposed amendment;
(e) the reasons for the proposal; and
(f) a description of the group or class of persons to whom the proposal is to be circulated.
Derived from RM118/2013 [VER15/07-13]