AMI 6.5.1

(1) An Exchange must have in place effective systems, controls and procedures to ensure that its trading systems:
(a) are resilient;
(b) have adequate capacity to deal with peak orders and message volumes; and
(c) are able to operate in an orderly manner under conditions of market stress.
(2) Without limiting the generality of its obligations arising under (1) or any other Rule, an Exchange's rules, systems, controls and procedures must enable it to:
(a) reject orders that exceed its pre-determined volume and price thresholds, or that are clearly erroneous;
(b) temporarily halt trading of Investments traded on its facility if there is a significant price movement in relation to those Investments on its facility or a related market during a short period; and
(c) where appropriate, cancel, vary or correct any transaction.
Derived from RM118/2013 [VER15/07-13]