AMI 5.6.1

(1) An Authorised Market Institution must establish and maintain Business Rules in accordance with the requirements in this section. Such rules must include:
(a) criteria governing the admission of Members and any other Persons to whom access to its facilities is provided;
(b) criteria governing the admission of Investments to trading, or clearing and settlement, as appropriate to its facilities;
(c) Default Rules; and
(d) any other matters necessary for the proper functioning of the Authorised Market Institution and the facilities operated by it.
(2) An Authorised Market Institution's Business Rules must:
(a) be based on objective criteria and non-discriminatory;
(b) be clear and fair;
(c) set out the Members' and other participants' obligations:
(i) arising from the Authorised Market Institution's constitution and other administrative arrangements;
(ii) when undertaking transactions on its facilities; and
(iii) relating to professional standards that must be imposed on staff and agents of the Members and other participants when undertaking transactions on its facilities;
(d) be legally binding and enforceable against the Members and other participants;
(e) be made publicly available free of charge;
(f) contain provisions for the resolution of Members' and other participants' disputes and an appeal process from the decisions of the Authorised Market Institution; and
(g) contain disciplinary proceedings, including any sanctions that may be imposed by the Authorised Market Institution against its Members and other participants.
Derived from RM118/2013 [VER15/07-13]