AFN CIR F1 [Deleted]

(* and the Trustee, in the case of an Investment Trust)

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Purpose of this form

This purpose of this form is for an Operator of a Collective Investment Fund to register a Domestic Fund with the DFSA as required under the CIR Module of the DFSA Rulebook. It must be submitted by the proposed Operator of the Domestic Fund, and may be submitted on the basis that the proposed Operator is:

•  An applicant to be an Authorised Firm, whose application includes the proposed Financial Service of Operating a Collective Investment Fund (in which case, Form AUT–CORE and Form AUT–INV must also be submitted);
•   An existing Authorised Firm that is authorised to Operate a Collective Investment Fund in respect of one or more Funds, and wishes to register a new Fund; or
•   An existing Authorised Firm that is not authorised to Operate a Collective Investment Fund but who has submitted a Form SUP4 to amend the scope of its Licence to include Operating a Collective Investment Fund.

Only a Domestic Fund that is a Public Fund can be registered with the DFSA. A Public Fund, under Article 46 of the Collective Investment Law 2006, is one that "...has or intends to have more than 100 Unitholders; or its Units are, or are to be, offered by means of public offering to potential participants". Under Article 54 of the Collective Investment Law 2006, a Domestic Fund "…that is not a Public Fund" is a Private Fund. The Operator of a Private Fund must, amongst other things, separately notify the DFSA 14 days prior to the initial issue or offer of Units in the Private Fund. The CIR Module sets out the contents of such a notification.

A Fund will only be registered where the Authorised Firm and the Fund meet the criteria set out in the CIR Module with respect to a Domestic Fund. The Firm (as the Operator) must be, and continue to be, fit and proper with respect to its activities, and have the requisite skills, experience, resources and controls in order to Operate a Collective Investment Fund of the nature and type proposed.

The DFSA may require additional information or clarification in order to complete the processing of an application. In this respect, the DFSA will correspond with the applicant's contact person, as detailed in Form AUT–CORE. If the proposed Operator is an existing Authorised Firm, please indicate below the relevant contact details for the purposes of this application.

Applicant's contact person for this application  
Correspondence address

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Notes for completing this form

•  This form should only be completed by a firm wishing to Operate a Collective Investment Fund which is a Public Fund. Firms wishing to Operate a Collective Investment Fund which is a Private Fund should not complete this form, and instead complete questions 3.23 to 3.48 of Form AUT–INV.
•  In the case of a Public Fund which is an Investment Trust, this form must also be signed by the proposed trustee of the fund, who must be an Authorised Firm, or an applicant to be an Authorised Firm, for the purpose of carrying on the Financial Service of Acting as the Trustee of a Fund.
•  The term Fund in this form refers to the entity for which an Operator is seeking registration as a Public Fund. In order to be a Public Fund, the Fund must be incorporated or established in the DIFC, i.e. a Domestic Fund. Questions in this form are directed at the Fund as the subject of this application, and at the Operator, in respect of its role in relation to the Fund, and answers should therefore be given in the context of the specific question.
•  Only a Domestic Fund may be Operated by an Authorised Firm. Marketing of a Foreign Fund in the DIFC may only be undertaken by an Authorised Firm in accordance with the requirements of the CIR Module of the DFSA's Rulebook.
•  Defined terms are identified throughout this application form by the capitalisation of the initial letter of a word or phrase and are defined in the Glossary module (GLO) of the DFSA's Rulebook.
•  All financial information must be given in US dollars, together with a statement of the original currency used (if relevant) and the exchange rate applied for conversion.
•  Questions must be answered fully and the use of abbreviations or acronyms should be avoided or defined.
•  Do not leave any questions blank. If a question is not applicable this should be indicated in the response section. Failure to answer questions or provide full responses may delay the progress of the application.
•  Answers must be typed in electronic format and the form must be signed by a Director/Partner of the Applicant or, in the event that, for example, the applicant has yet to be incorporated, the Director or Partner who will be authorised in due course to sign on behalf of the applicant.


Section Title
1 General Information
2 Specialist Fund Information
3 Additional questions in relation to the Trustee (if applicable)
4 Payment of Fees
5 Declaration
6 Checklist of Attachments