AFN AUT-NOTES Part 8: Representative Office form notes

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Representative Office form notes

Each note below relates to a question or statement in the Representative Office Application form. E.g. RO1 provides information to help you to complete question RO1 in the Representative Office Application form.

General Information notes

RO1. Please provide the full name of the firm applying to be licensed as a Representative Office
RO2. We want information about the legal nature of your firm. Please refer to GEN Rule 7.2.2GEN Rule 7.2.3.
RO3. Please provide details of the head office (telephone, fax, e-mail and website address)
RO4. Please provide date and place of incorporation for the head office.
RO5. Your financial year-end will be used to determine the regulatory reporting requirements.
RO6. You will need to give details of any trading name(s) which you propose to use for the purpose of, or in connection with, any business carried out in or from the DIFC, if these are different from your legal name.
RO7. The contact person named should be the person who is responsible for the application during the authorisation process and who will liaise with the DFSA. This person must be a representative of the company. It may be helpful to provide a second contact name as back-up.
RO8. You may have a professional adviser assisting with the application process.
RO9. Please tick “yes” to question if the DFSA should copy correspondence in relation to this application to the adviser.

Home jurisdiction regulator

RO10. Give the name of the supervisory contact from the relevant regulator including postal address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address.


RO11. Please refer to GEN Rule 11.8.3 for the definition of Controller.

Nature of applicant's business and intended activities in the DIFC

RO12. The DFSA will review the proposed activities to ensure that they are within the scope of a Representative Office as defined in Representative Office Module of the DFSA Rulebook. Please describe what systems and controls the firm will have in place to ensure it only conducts the activities of a Representative Office.

Anti Money Laundering

RO13. Please consult chapter 6 of the Representative Office Module (REP) of the DFSA Rulebook before confirming that appropriate arrangements are in place.

Principal Representative

RO14. Please complete form AUT-IND4 for the individual proposed as the Principal Representative.


For comprehensive details of fees, please refer to the Fees module of the DFSA Rulebook.

Applicant Firm Fit & Proper Questionnaire and declaration

RO15/ RO20 These questions are self-explanatory and are focused on the fitness and propriety of the firm. If you answer yes to any question please supply all relevant information - openness and honesty are essential. Should we need to examine your application more closely because of any disclosures you make, this will not necessarily count against you. However, deliberately withholding information or providing false or misleading information, will adversely impact the success of your application. If in doubt, disclose.