AFN AML Annual AML Return

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Purpose of this Return

This AML Return must be submitted by every Relevant Person who is required to under Rule 14.5.1 of the AML module of the DFSA Rulebook. The AML Return is required to be completed annually and submitted to the DFSA within four months of the end of the submitter's financial year end, and be signed by the Governing Body and/or senior management of the Relevant Person.

This AML return is one the supervisory tools used by the DFSA to assess a Relevant Person's compliance with its AML obligations. The form will also allow the DFSA to identify and action any relevant AML issues and trends that emerge in the DIFC. Similarly, this AML Return may also form a part of a Relevant Person's systems and controls for monitoring compliance with its AML obligations.

Notes for completing this Return

•    You should familiarise yourself with the AML module before completing this return.
•    All sections must be completed, where appropriate.
•    Questions must be answered in full and the use of abbreviations should be avoided.
•    Do not leave any questions blank — if a question is not applicable this should be indicated in the response section.
•    If there is insufficient space to answer a question, please attach the answer in an appendix.
•    Answers must be typed.
•    Please ensure any supporting documentation is clearly labelled and attached.
•    The AML Return includes, where appropriate, the relevant AML module Rule reference. These references should assist in framing the context of your answer. The Rule reference should also assist in determining if the question is applicable.
•    If the answer to all or part of any question is covered within your AML Policies and Procedures, please provide the relevant reference and page number to that information in your response.

Contents of AML Return

A. Relevant Person Details
B. Compliance with AML Obligations
C. Applying a Risk Based Approach
D. Customers and Customer Due Diligence
E. Reliance and Outsourcing
F. Audit
G. Sanctions and Other International Obligations
H. AML Training and Awareness
I. Suspicious Activity Reports
J. Governing Body/ Senior Management Declaration