84P. Bail-in Tool

(1) The DFSA may apply the Bail-in Tool in relation to an Authorised Firm that is not a branch:
(a) to recapitalise the Authorised Firm:
(i) to the extent sufficient to restore the Authorised Firm’s ability to comply with the authorisation requirements as applicable:
(ii) to continue to carry out the activities for which the Authorised Firm is authorised under the Law; or
(iii) to sustain sufficient market confidence in the Authorised Firm; or
(b) to convert to shares or reduce the principal amount of claims or debt instruments that are transferred under the Sale of Business Tool.
(2) The DFSA may, in applying the Bail-in Tool under (1), use the Write Down or Conversion Power in such manner as may be prescribed in the Rules.
(3) The DFSA may prescribe Rules relating to the application of the Bail-in Tool.