84E. Resolution Plans

(1) The DFSA may prepare a plan for securing an orderly Resolution (the “Resolution Plan”) of an Authorised Firm.
(2) The Resolution Plan shall set out the strategies for the Resolution including consideration of failure scenarios, the options for the exercise of the Resolution Powers, the application of the Resolution Tools and contain such information as may be prescribed in the Rules.
(3) If the DFSA decides to prepare a Resolution Plan with respect to an Authorised Firm, it shall inform the Authorised Firm in writing of that decision.
(4) An Authorised Firm that is informed under (3) of the DFSA’s decision to prepare a Resolution Plan must, to the extent reasonably necessary for the DFSA to prepare, assess or update the Resolution Plan, do the following:
(a) maintain in the DIFC up to date information and systems; and
(b) if required in writing by the DFSA, provide to the DFSA any information and assistance within a specified period.