79. Costs of an Investigation

(1) Subject to Article 79(2), the DFSA shall pay the costs and expenses of an investigation.
(2) Where, as a result of an investigation under Chapter 2 of Part 5, a person is found by:
(a) the DFSA;
(b) the FMT; or
(c) the Court,
to have contravened a provision of the Law or of the Rules or of any other legislation administered by the DFSA, the FMT or the Court may order, on application brought by the DFSA, that the person pay or reimburse the DFSA in respect of the whole, or a specified part of, the costs and expenses of the investigation, including the remuneration of any officer involved in the investigation.
(3) The FMT may make an order under Article 79(2), on an application by the DFSA, whether or not the person has commenced, or intends to commence, a reference to the FMT in relation to a decision of the DFSA.
(4) The DFSA may apply to the Court for an order under Article 79(2) only where there is a proceeding before the Court relating to the alleged contravention by the person.