70. Jurisdiction of the FMT

(1) The FMT has jurisdiction to hear and determine any regulatory proceedings in relation to:
(a) an issue arising out of the supervision of an Authorised Market Institution other than a direction under Article 26(2);
(b) an issue arising out of an offer of Securities arising under this Law;
(c) an issue arising out of a takeover, takeover offer, merger or acquisition of shares; or
(d) any matter that may be prescribed by law or the Rules for the purpose of this Article.
(2) At the conclusion of such proceedings, the FMT may make a finding or declaration of unacceptable circumstances or a contravention of the Law or Rules, and may make one or more of the following orders, in addition to any orders it may make under Article 30 of the Regulatory Law 2004:
(a) an order requiring a person to comply with this Law or the Rules;
(b) an order in relation to the control or acquisition of Investments in or relating to a Reporting Entity;
(c) an order in relation to the rights of shareholders or minority shareholders in a Reporting Entity; or
(d) any consequential orders as the FMT sees fit following a finding or the making of a declaration.