Article 26 is deleted and replaced with the following:

26. Permitted Form of a Domestic Fund

“(1) Every Domestic Fund shall be one of the following:
(a) an Investment Company;
(b) an Investment Partnership; or
(c) an Investment Trust.
(2) In Article 26(1)(a), an Investment Company includes a Protected Cell Company or an Incorporated Cell of an Incorporated Cell Company.
(3) The DFSA may, by Rules, prescribe:
(a) which of the forms referred to in Article 26(1) may be used by a specialist class of Domestic Funds; and
(b) any additional criteria, requirements or conditions applicable to such a Fund.
(4) A Person shall not use a form referred to in Article 26(1)(a), (b) or (c) for a purpose other than the main purpose of carrying on the business of a Fund.
(5) A Person may only register an Investment Company as a Public Company under the DIFC Companies Law if the company is or is intended to be a Public Fund. In all other cases, a Person shall register an Investment Company as a Private Company.”